General Dentistry

At Uptown Park Dental, we offer the complete spectrum of preventive and restorative general dentistry services—and a whole lot more. Our primary concern is the oral and dental health of each and every one of our patients, and we craft treatment plans that take that into consideration.

At the same time, we offer cutting-edge technology and advanced anesthesia options, like conscious sedation, that allow us to ensure our patients have positive experiences along with excellent care. Through it all, our personalized attention and cooperative approach have helped us build and grow a loyal, satisfied patient base over our many years.


Dental Hygiene
A program of routine preventive care and daily home maintenance is the backbone of good oral and dental health.
Root Canals
In some cases, decay can spread so deeply into a tooth that it causes an abscess...
Sedation Dentistry
We recognize that, for most patients, going to the dentist isn’t on the list of favorite things to do...
At Uptown Park Dental, we boast the latest technology in the dental field, and we constantly strive...