Bonding & White Fillings

At our office, we offer composites—white, tooth-colored filling materials—as an option both for fillings and for bonding. Essentially the same thing, bonding refers to cosmetic fillings and repairs on front teeth.

Fillings and bonding are both common restorative procedures used to repair decay, cracks, and chips. In some cases, bonding can be a good alternative to the expense of crowns or veneers, and produces an invisible, natural-looking result. Composite material is an excellent option for highly-visible restorations on front teeth and for patients who do not want visible metal in their mouths, whether silver amalgam or gold.




Fillings and bonding usually take just one visit. First, we remove the decayed or unsightly portion of the tooth. We then apply the composite resin to the prepared tooth, which is trimmed and polished to leave you with a beautifully sculpted, natural-looking restoration.

Bonding Durability

Although composite resins are cosmetically pleasing and easily placed, they are not as strong as other types of restorations. They typically last from 4-7 years before they begin to chip and wear away, at which time the restoration will need to be replaced.